Rachel Kay, Photographer 

With nearly 15 years of professional photography experience, Rachel Kay is an expert at lighting both in studio and on location. 

Rachel is also a retired Capoerista. 


Joe Llamas, Photographer  

With a background in Rapid Prototyping and Design, Joe is a creative who entered into Photography more than 8 years ago.  He works in marketing, video production and photography.   

Joe has been an extra in Rocky Balboa and the latest Bourne movie.


Brittany Bell, Licensed Make-up Artist

Brittany fell in love with beauty at a young age while watching classic films from a bygone era. She spent the last decade in NYC working with some of Broadway's biggest stars getting them ready for red-carpets, photo shoots and events.

Brittany can recite the dialogue to the movie "Clueless" in its entirety.