Why it’s important to hire a professional photographer

Makeup and Styling:  It may sound cliché but the entertainment industry has known for years that makeup helps us all look our best.  Even a little man grooming goes a long way.  We believe in this so much that we include makeup and styling in all our sessions.  Seeing is believing and these samples show how just a quick “mini session” can transform your look and help you feel more confident than ever.

Lighting:  Only a true professional photographer knows how to put you in the best light.  A headshot can go from good to great by simply changing the light.  Our lighting techniques will make you glow like never before.  Here are just a few lighting samples to give you an idea.

Professional Headshot

Posing:  It is said that everyone has a “good side” and we use our specialized approach to create stunning photos.  We will let these samples speak for themselves.